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I have been writing for many years. This is my first book.

"Paul Richmond has published a glossy-covered little book of irreverent, funny poems. He calls them "stories," and they are that too, most with a moral, or a peek into us showing that we all would be seconds if we were merchandise. He writes in a really loose, train-of-consciousness style that is easy to follow, inexplicably hilarious, and reminds me of Ginsberg and Beat poetry. The book is R-rated, you'd have to say."

"I strongly recommend not waiting for him to read these stories at the All Small Caps nights. Owning a copy of "No Guarantees -- Adjust and Continue" is like having Paul Richmond at his best right in your pocket . . . and anybody who knows Paul knows what a treat that is, 'cause Paul's generally not in anybody's pocket!"

Jonathan von Ransom

Quirky stories & revealing surprises abound here. Short and packed with meaning, these are stories to be savored. One can almost see them as performance pieces. Protest art. Surreal emotional moments. Paradoxical portraits. This author has a strong and unique voice. Great collage art on the covers. A rare book, worth seeking out. As the author states, "The secrets that are revealed in this book will change everyone's life around you. Unfortunately you have to change your own life."

VisionWorks - Dick Mcleester

Paul Richmond remembers his first attempts to keep a journal. How bad his hand writing was, not even being able to keep within the lines. Not knowing what to write, just knowing he wanted to write. 37 years later after many journals, performance pieces in which he wrote or collaborated on the scripts for his sole, duet, and group shows. He starter to assemble the writings he saw as “stories”. This led to more of this type of writing and presenting at local spoken word events. Which have been collected to create “No Guarantees – Adjust and Continue.”

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